Silesian Voivodeship – region with positive energy!

Silesian Voivodeship is a region full of surprises. Various attractions from natural to cultural amuse over 3 milions of visitors per year. Richness of tourist offer for each weather and season makes the Silesia a place worth to visit.

The home of the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra (NOSPR) boasts perfect acoustics, a multifunctional and stunningly-designed functionality, and a beautiful architecture.
NOSPR is one of the leading symphony orchestras in Poland. Stemming from before World War II, the orchestra was formed in 1935. In 1945, it was revived in Katowice, where it lay its roots. The orchestra has performed in the vast majority of European countries, as well as having toured Asia, Australia and the Americas. In 1999, the orchestra’s name was awarded the title of ‘National’, in recognition of its services. Having earlier functioned as a division of the Polish Radio, the orchestra became a national cultural institution in 2006.

Biketours and climbing fans will be delighted with the northern part of region well-known for its medieval castles on The Trail of the Eagle's Nests. Fans of folk culture undercover treasures of centuries-old tradition and history in Beskid Mountains. Dozens of tracks and bicycle routes wait here for active tourists.

In winter, southern part of the Silesia region becomes a Polish capital of winter sports. Stunning and breathtaking landscapes stay in memory for a long time.

Silesian metropolia cities in the center of region (with over 2 milions of citizens) open here for those who like lively places. The architecture combines here history with modernism and many cultural evens which tempt fans of theatres, exhibitions, music festivals and concerts.

Back to the past takes Industrial Monuments Route – most interesting route of industrial tourism in Poland. Route allows to see miners' work, taste a freshly brewed beer and row boating through the labirinth of underground adit pavements.

That's not all! We all know that the way to the tourist's heart is through stomach. Silesian specialities create one of the most recognizable regional cuisine in Poland. Austrian, Czech and Jewish influences make it even more diverse. Silesian Tastes Culinary Route enriches experience of exploring the Silesia region with unforgetable tastes.

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